The Financial Department of our company is the “heart” of our operation. It is the department that manages the center of revenues and expenses, while at the same time it deals with the preparation of annual budgets that constitutes the cornerstone of our growth. In detail the Financial Department manages the following areas:

Management of Company’s Finances
The management of revenues and expenses, as well as the preparation of annual budgets is rightfully considered of the highest importance for the company’s ultimate success. We place particular importance on the management of our financial resources because we believe that this will lead to the maintenance of the company’s financial health.

Management of Personnel Insurance For Construction Projects (Analytical Periodic Statement)
Whichever way we look at it, the bureaucracy following the construction of private projects is important. A particularly important aspect is the insurance contributions of construction personnel while monitoring the reliable and timely filling of necessary statements to IKA (National Insurance Fund) (Analytical Periodic Statement). Our company undertakes the coordination of the entire process. The service is offered regardless of current or previous cooperation with our company. Although we believe that the process associated with the calculation of the Minimal Cost of a Building’s Construction is absurd and obsolete, we are obligated to follow the existing legislation and draw up corresponding statutes, undertaking the complete distribution of expenses per category of work. We also provide important information in order to avoid suffering and mistakes. This is another service offered regardless of current or previous cooperation with our company.

Compiling and Submission of all Documents Required for Power Supply to the Competent Tax Office
Our company – featuring an exquisite team of associates – assumes the entire process of compiling and submitting all documents required for the power supply of your building. Without requiring your presence at any stage of the process, we attend to your service and arrange your connection with the public networks, afterwards presenting you a copy of all documents and approvals.


Quality Guaranteed

quality guaranteed
Our company gives a 5 year guarantee which exceeds the expectations that the Greek law specifies as a guarantee from a contractor.

Our Offices in Crete

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