Public Relations and communication Department

The department arranges the overall image of the company through printed or electronic mediums. It is in charge of the sponsorship programs and the company’s presence at International Exhibitions. It also has the obligation – in cooperation with the Construction Department and Project Management Department – to update on a daily basis the client information database system, for the activities taking place in their constructions sites. In detail the Public Relations and Communication Department manages the following areas:

Management of Sponsorship Programs
Our company has established a very important sponsorship plan at a local level. The spearhead of our sponsorship program was the sponsorship – during the period 2009-2010 – of the local basketball team bearing the name Europlan ΑΟΑΝ. Also significant sponsorships have been granted from time to time to cultural activities, as well as to the Amateur Theatrical Team of Aghios Nikolaos.

Publication of Promotional Brochures and Company Magazine
Advertising is an important tool for promoting our efforts and based on this position, we tend to publish advertising brochures on a regular basis, in order to inform the community, but also the visitors to the region. Our effort is enhanced with special advertising brochure editions aiming to promote the company in the wider region. Every two years, we also publish our company magazine, in which we encapsulate all operations of our company, as well as all the latest developments in regards to our organization.

Updating of Electronic Communication (Websites etc.)
Our website is an extremely important tool in promoting our goals. Through our website you can obtain important information of the company, the construction projects, the customer feedback, as well as all of the activities of our company. You can also see some of our project developments on a daily basis.

Participation in Exhibitions with Promotional Booth
Our company’s participation in various real estate exhibitions worldwide helped us gain experience for the tactics followed in the field in other countries, as well as to transfer the information of our region. We have participated as a company in exhibitions in Athens, London, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, etc. worthily representing Crete and in particular Eastern Crete.

Website Management (, Construction’s Daily Photograph Activities
On a daily basis dozens of photographs are displayed on the website of the day to day activity of each of the construction sites, together with detailed recording of weather conditions. This gives the ability to the client to completely monitor the implementation of the design and of what was originally agreed, no matter their distance from the site. It also fully covers the company, which in no case wishes to hide the slightest detail. Connection to the website is only permitted with a special code provided by our company, while fully respecting the private nature of the data posted on it.

Public Relations and Communication Department

Quality Guaranteed

quality guaranteed
Our company gives a 5 year guarantee which exceeds the expectations that the Greek law specifies as a guarantee from a contractor.

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