What’s New for Europlan in 2017?

February 3, 2017by Beth SewellPress release


The New Year is off to a great start for Europlan, with new projects being started, new ventures being sought after and existing developments progressing nicely. 2017 looks set to being another great year for our company.

As some of you may know, Europlan is also expanding as a company in 2017. We are now a S.A. company which for our British readers is basically equivalent to a PLC company. It is exciting times for the company as we continue to expand throughout the years and through this “Crisis” that has hit our country so hard.

Europlan has always strived to be a company of innovation and forward thinking, not only with our construction designs and techniques but with regard to being a step ahead of our competitors with regard to marketing and promotion. As a company we like to think “outside of the box” and push ourselves with regard to every aspect of our business.

For 2017 we have lots of new and exciting ideas that have been in the making for the last few months and over the next few weeks we will start rolling them out to you.We are very excited to be able to introduce to you our new website, our new App, our new magazine, our new video and out YouTube Channel.

Of course we will not present all of these things to you at once, as you will become overpowered with our greatness. Therefore we will slowly introduce you to one item every week for the next few weeks. That way you have time to digest the information and process all the new things we have to offer.

So for this week we would like to show you our new website. We have created it over the last few months in connection with Actionweb – a local company who specializes in all things online. We always try to commence work with local companies as we believe that keeping work in the community is an important factor for a well-established company like ours.

Our new website is fresh and dynamic and holds all the information you could possibly wish to find out about our company. Here you can read about all the services we provide, the people behind the services, you can see photographs of all of our projects and find the best way to contact us.

We think you will be as impressed with the outcome as we are but as always if you see something you would like us to add, we are always open to suggestions. Check out our new website at the link below


We wish you all the best for 2017 and hope that you stay with us for our next announcements. Keep in touch!!!

Bethan Sewell

Marketing and Communications Department

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