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International Property Awards 2019 – Winner… Istron Villa!!

September 19, 2019by Beth SewellUncategorized

We have just been informed that Istron Villa has been successful in the International Property Awards 2019!

We are extremely proud that out entry for Best Construction in Greece will now be put forwards to the next stage of the award process.

We have been invited to London on the 24th October to collect our award and see if we have the best construction in Greece for 2019.

Well done team to have come this far and fingers crossed for the next stages where we will see if we are the best in Greece and then on to the Best in Europe!!


Καλές Διακοπές !!! Happy Holidays !!!

August 12, 2019by Beth SewellUncategorized

Τα γραφεία μας θα παραμείνουν κλειστά από 15 Αύγουστου έως 25 Αυγούστου για τις ετήσιες καλοκαιρινές διακοπές.

All Europlan offices will be closed from the 15th August until the 25th August for our summer vacations.


Kαλα Χριστουγεννα!! Merry Christmas!!

December 7, 2018by Beth SewellUncategorized

All the team have gathered together this year to make a Christmas video to all our clients, cooperators and friends a truly wonderful holiday season. We had great fun making this video and we hope you enjoy it! Do not forget to watch the end to see all our goofs !!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!

For your information all of our Europlan offices will be closed from:
23rd December 2018 until 1st January 2019

Καλές Διακοπές !!! Happy Holidays!!!

August 13, 2018by Beth SewellUncategorized


Τα γραφεία μας θα παραμείνουν κλειστά από 18 Αύγουστου έως 26 Αυγούστου για τις ετήσιες καλοκαιρινές διακοπές.

Our offices will be closed from 18th August until the 26th August for the annual summer holidays.


Pont … A dream Restaurant in Plaka

August 3, 2017by Beth SewellUncategorized

Plaka has always been synonymous with excellent fish restaurants in a unique setting, but in the last month a new fine dining experience has joined the ranks. Pont Restaurant is the first restaurant which greets you as you enter the small village and upon first view you know that the dining experience will be a luxury one.

Designed and constructed by our company (Europlan) the space radiates quality and serenity setting you up for a wonderful eating experience.

The restaurant is designed using wood and local stones which blend the classical charm of the local area with a modern twist.

The restaurant is situated opposite the world renowned archeological site of the island of Spinalonga. One of the greatest advantages of the restaurant is that you can enjoy your gastronomic experience being completely protected from the winds which is one of the characteristics of the area.

The class restaurant provides a unique dining experience using local traditional meals with a modern twist. Only the best local ingredients are used to create a symphony for your taste buds.

Not only does the restaurant provide some of the best food in Crete but some of the best drinks and cocktails too with one of the best bar tenders in Crete.

Europlan is proud to have been a part of this new wave of gastronomic experience in the area of Plaka and we wish Pont restaurant all the success for the coming years ahead. With the expert quality they provide….success will be guaranteed !


Completion of the Renovation of the Main Offices in Agios Nikolaos

June 20, 2017by Beth SewellUncategorized

The team at Europlan are very proud to show you the completion of our main office in Agios Nikolaos. Follow the journey below from start to finish and join us in celebrating the new future for Europlan.

I think we can all agree that the final result is breathtaking and a display of the high standards which we always strive for as a company.

We would like to thank all of our cooperators for helping to make this office something to be proud of and for helping us to stick to our strict time schedules!

Bravo to all the team!


Introducing the New Europlan Application !!!

February 9, 2017by Beth SewellUncategorized

The Europlan team is very proud and excited to announce to you the launch of our new company application (app) !!!

This new free service that we are providing will revolutionize the way we are able to communicate with our present and future clients. All the information a client will need for a successful and smooth completion of their project with be right at their fingertips, through their mobile devices.

We have created this app for our clients to have immediate access to information about their projects and to have better communication with their personal project manager and supervisor. Photographs and messages can instantly be sent between the personnel to improve service and fulfil every need of the client. Updated plans, change notes, samples, etc. can all be sent directly through the app and reduce time spent on decisions and therefore cut delays. It really is the best tool we can use as a company for improving quality of service and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Today you will have access to download the new app, either through Apple Store or Google play depending on your device. Create a search for our company name and look for the logo below. Install the app and you will have access to all the latest information from our company.

The app is currently available in three languages – Greek – English – Russian – which can be selected through the menu screen.

As a visitor to the app you have access to the information on our company. You can read about the shareholders biographies and the different departments we have within our company. You can read about all the service we provide within those departments and how we could possibly help you.

There is also a section where you can ready about our International Property Awards and which properties won in each year.

If you are interested to see our entire project portfolio you can enter the icon which will show you all of our projects including, country homes, hotels, design projects etc.

On the main page we have all the latest news from our company and this will be updated with interesting articles when they arise.

In the menu section of the app you can see our “Photographic Presentation of Work and Materials” which is an excellent presentation which breaks down all the steps involved in a large project. For anyone who is interested in starting a project, it is very informative and helps give an understanding to the quantity of work involved in a large project. Please feel free to have a look!

From the menu you also have instant access to our new website and all of our social media – facebook, YouTube channel, linkedin and twitter.

The section related to Letters of Recommendation is only available for registered users, who will be future clients and existing clients.

Once you become a client of Europlan, we will register you on the app and you will have access to the complete service that it provides. All current clients will be notified soon by email on how to register and they will be instructed on how to use the exciting new service. We are sure that they will not be disappointed!

We are fiercely proud of this new service as it is the first of its kind in our area. Yet again Europlan is at the forefront of innovation as we strive to provide the best possible service for our clients.

We would like to say a very big thank you to Singletonapps based here in Agios Nikolaos for their expertise in setting up the service. The team has been great to work with and we look forward to continuing our working relationship in the future.

For any more information on the service we provide or questions on the app, please feel free to contact me

Bethan Sewell

Head of Marketing and Public Relations


What’s New for Europlan in 2017?

February 3, 2017by Beth SewellPress release

The New Year is off to a great start for Europlan, with new projects being started, new ventures being sought after and existing developments progressing nicely. 2017 looks set to being another great year for our company.

As some of you may know, Europlan is also expanding as a company in 2017. We are now a S.A. company which for our British readers is basically equivalent to a PLC company. It is exciting times for the company as we continue to expand throughout the years and through this “Crisis” that has hit our country so hard.

Europlan has always strived to be a company of innovation and forward thinking, not only with our construction designs and techniques but with regard to being a step ahead of our competitors with regard to marketing and promotion. As a company we like to think “outside of the box” and push ourselves with regard to every aspect of our business.

For 2017 we have lots of new and exciting ideas that have been in the making for the last few months and over the next few weeks we will start rolling them out to you.We are very excited to be able to introduce to you our new website, our new App, our new magazine, our new video and out YouTube Channel.

Of course we will not present all of these things to you at once, as you will become overpowered with our greatness. Therefore we will slowly introduce you to one item every week for the next few weeks. That way you have time to digest the information and process all the new things we have to offer.

So for this week we would like to show you our new website. We have created it over the last few months in connection with Actionweb – a local company who specializes in all things online. We always try to commence work with local companies as we believe that keeping work in the community is an important factor for a well-established company like ours.

Our new website is fresh and dynamic and holds all the information you could possibly wish to find out about our company. Here you can read about all the services we provide, the people behind the services, you can see photographs of all of our projects and find the best way to contact us.

We think you will be as impressed with the outcome as we are but as always if you see something you would like us to add, we are always open to suggestions. Check out our new website at the link below

We wish you all the best for 2017 and hope that you stay with us for our next announcements. Keep in touch!!!

Bethan Sewell

Marketing and Communications Department


Europlan Receives it’s 9th International Property Award

October 31, 2016by Beth SewellAwards

Today we
welcome back Europlan partners George Gounalakis and Yannis Marinos who journeyed
to London to collect our company’s 9th International Property Award.
Together with Pascal Lutz, the owner of the winning property, they attended the
annual gala dinner, at The Marriott Hotel to receive the prestigious award.

Emotion Art Villa was the subject of the celebration this year which won Best Architecture Single Residence for Greece! This magnificent villa which is situated in Elounda beat fierce competition to take the top price.


Marinos and
Lutz ventured to the stage at the event to collect the award which this year was sponsored by The Telegraph and Emirates, which highlights the high standards of these awards.



we didn’t win the Best in Europe category this year as we did in 2014 but there
was tough competition this year and that award went to Spain. But we are
extremely proud to have won another 5 star award for our Architecture. As a
company we have been very successful in these events, proving year on year that
we are a company whose standards of quality and work not only exceed the
standards of our local competitors but also that of our competition in Greece
and Europe. As a company, these awards give us the confidence to continue to
improve our standards and strive for excellence in the wider market. They help
to create an ambition which keeps our company driving forwards in an already
difficult economic climate.

Well done to all of the Europlan team and the owner, who worked together to make Emotion  Art Villa another award winning property for the company!


The Final Dart is Thrown on an Exceptional Event – Cretan Masters Darts Tournament – Sponsored by Europlan

October 17, 2016by Beth SewellSponsorship Programs

What an excellent weekend of darts at the Cretan Master Darts Tournament held here in Agios Nikolaos. The standard of organisation was exceptional and the levels of support for the game were unsurpassed. Big congratualtions to the organisers of the event who showed that Cretan darts are on a par with the rest of Europe.
The weekend went off without a hitch and all participants enjoyed the hospitality of the Cretan hosts. The event had an unprecedented turnout of players from Cyprus, Greece, Germany and England and everyone commented on the levels of professionalism and organisation of the event.


 The doubles event of Friday was a nail biting event and saw Benny Greco and Barzis take the top spot.
The womens masters tournament on saturday showed an extremely high level of play with Anastasia Pandagioti beating Maria Prossia to the top spot.
Later the men competed in the Master tournament and Simeonidis beat halliwell in a spectacular finish.
The open competition on sunday saw over 120 players competing but yet again Kostas Pantelidis showed his incredible skills competing against Stathis Pantelidis and won the top spot for the Open Championship. Excellent play by all competitors

Europlan has been a great supporter of darts in the community and was very proud to have been able to support this excellent event. The organisers did an exceptional job and should be commended for their dedication and commitment to the game. We look forwards to supporting future events which help to promote and support local organisations. Great darts everyone!!


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