Pont … A dream Restaurant in Plaka

August 3, 2017by Beth SewellUncategorized


Plaka has always been synonymous with excellent fish restaurants in a unique setting, but in the last month a new fine dining experience has joined the ranks. Pont Restaurant is the first restaurant which greets you as you enter the small village and upon first view you know that the dining experience will be a luxury one.

Designed and constructed by our company (Europlan) the space radiates quality and serenity setting you up for a wonderful eating experience.

The restaurant is designed using wood and local stones which blend the classical charm of the local area with a modern twist.

The restaurant is situated opposite the world renowned archeological site of the island of Spinalonga. One of the greatest advantages of the restaurant is that you can enjoy your gastronomic experience being completely protected from the winds which is one of the characteristics of the area.

The class restaurant provides a unique dining experience using local traditional meals with a modern twist. Only the best local ingredients are used to create a symphony for your taste buds.

Not only does the restaurant provide some of the best food in Crete but some of the best drinks and cocktails too with one of the best bar tenders in Crete.

Europlan is proud to have been a part of this new wave of gastronomic experience in the area of Plaka and we wish Pont restaurant all the success for the coming years ahead. With the expert quality they provide….success will be guaranteed !

Quality Guaranteed

quality guaranteed
Our company gives a 5 year guarantee which exceeds the expectations that the Greek law specifies as a guarantee from a contractor.

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