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Europlan specializes in the delivery of high class construction projects on the island of Crete, Greece.
We are a rapidly expanding multidisciplinary company with over 20 years’ experience in architecture, engineering, project management and construction supervision

Services we provide

Our in-house vertically integrated services streamline the process of bringing buildings to life.
The breadth of our in-house expertise provides numerous advantages to clients, including a single point of contact, exact schedules, guaranteed budgets and increased quality in design and final product.

Internationally Awarded

Our talents are proven through the accolades we’ve received and the iconic projects we have completed.
On numerous occasions we have been recognized by the International Property Awards for having the Best Architecture in Greece in the category Best Single Unit!

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Trust is just one of the things that we “Build“ well !!!

Design By Europlan


Europlan is an internationally – renowned, award winning company of architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineer and accounts based in Crete, Greece.
If you are looking to build your dream home or implement your investment plan, look no further than Europlan. We will take care of the necessary inspections of your property, architectural design and construction up to full completion, so all you have to do is plan your new life in a sunny and beautiful area such as Crete or watch the return on your investment materialize.

Construction by Europlan


Through the strength and expertise of our people, Europlan has sustained its business success providing innovative construction solutions and proposals to complex technical projects across Crete for nearly 20 years. The greatest asset of our company is the experience and passion of our people.
We are motivated to constantly revise our goals, which are necessary for the success of any technical project we undertake, while at the same time using building procedures that guarantee the excellence of our design and construction.

Project Management by Europlan

Project Management

Europlan provides outstanding Project Management services through methods employed in our production programs and on our working sites. The objectives of these methods are to achieve the goals set in the project including the management of quality, cost, time scheduling and scope.
Europlan understands that professional Project Management is a strategic element to the success of any project. There is no substitute for a competent Project Manager equipped with the correct tools and resources to constantly train our employees, so they can meet the modern needs of construction sites and projects, regardless of its degree of difficulty. Our greatest rewards are the overwhelming recommendation letters which accompany our projects and are readily available to all our customers.


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The test of a successful company is the reactions of its customers.

See below for extracts of letters of recommendations from our customers.

Very satisfied!

“From the very first start until the day of delivery the professionals of Europlan have amazed us with their on-going professionalism, and all along the way, even a certain friendship. They really have made our dreams come true, within our limited possibilities”.


Great job!

“Within 12 months of commencing work, Europlan rebuild the house and provided us with a home so beautiful that our visions have been fulfilled – even surpassed”.

Maggie and Robbie Cottrell

Before the deadline

“Europlan’s behavioral profile is characterized by consistency, fulfilling obligations and keeping with deadlines”.

Chania Bank


“It is no exaggeration that from the first moment of the assignment to your company of the project you have gained our full admiration, satisfaction and complete trust”.

Holly Monastery of Toplou

Very quick!

“We needed a company who we could trust to do everything that was needed without direct involvement from our sides because during construction, we lived in the Netherlands. Companies you can trust like this are very rare in Greece but Europlan is one of them”.

Rob and Gea Argante

Easy to work with

“Their word is their bond. They can be trusted completely and without reservation or misgiving”.

Lough Callahan
Villa Olous

“The building of our type of project can be complex and complicated but Europlan took control and finished the construction on time to our complete satisfaction”.

Robert and Jane Bright
Villa Talisker

Beyond the call of duty

“Europlan went beyond the call of duty to help us when we encountered bureaucratic problems and continued to offer their support post-production when called upon”.

Patricia and Andrew Gialerakis

“Europlan subcontracted all renovations to our hotel unit and carried them out in a perfect and absolutely professional manner”.

Mihail Evangelidis
Aqua Sol Hotel

“The building license to construct our hotel was extremely difficult to obtain yet Europlan undertook the challenge and we had no problems with the authorities throughout the build”.

Ioannis Polemarkakis
Blue Marine hotel

“Being in a different country to where the construction was taking place could have been difficult. But as I was kept fully informed, on a daily basis, our minds were always at rest. They even sent pictures every day of the development site which were eagerly received”.

July Hardy
Plaka Villa

“Living in another country did not have any effect, we received drawings, contracts and form the start of the build they promised and completion date which was adhered to and met without any complications”.

Sue and Steve Marsh
Marsh House – Elounda

“The construction talks were held in Crete and in Moscow. The fact that the company was ready to come to Moscow, showed they they were very interested in the project and after a short while building the house of our dreams began”.

Alexander Kanishev

“Europlan’s ability to communicate with the local authorities was one of the reasons why we didn’t have any major problems. Especially since the construction works were made in an archeological zone where rules are very strict”.

Stylianos Filipakis
Mistral Mare

“Their ability to know how to deal with all projects and construction as well as the additional ability to deal with the local authorities, makes you feel very comfortable in their hands”.

Michalis Tsapakis
Elounda Ilion

“From the earliest stages of consultation of the construction to the finished villa, they showed competence, reliability, expertise and excellent workmanship”.

Elisabeth Zimmer
Villa Celeste


Loyal clients – they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.

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Advantages of choosing us

Projects Done on Time

Our team will do all your projects on time ad well within the budget. You can be safe and certain about that with our company.

Always Available

We’re there for you anytime you need us. Contact us for a consultation, estimate or any question you might have about your project or our work.

Professional and Responsible

You can always lean on Europlan. Our team of professionals will help you turn your dream home into a reality fast.

News & Events

International Property Awards 2019 – Winner… Istron Villa!!

International Property Awards 2019 – Winner… Istron Villa!!

September 19, 2019

We have just been informed that Istron Villa has been successful in the International Property Awards 2019! We are extremely proud that out entry for Best Construction in Greece will now be put forwards to the next stage of the award process. We have been invited to London on the 24th October to collect our award […]

Καλές Διακοπές !!!  Happy Holidays !!!

Καλές Διακοπές !!! Happy Holidays !!!

August 12, 2019

Τα γραφεία μας θα παραμείνουν κλειστά από 15 Αύγουστου έως 25 Αυγούστου για τις ετήσιες καλοκαιρινές διακοπές. All Europlan offices will be closed from the 15th August until the 25th August for our summer vacations.

Kαλα Χριστουγεννα!! Merry Christmas!!

Kαλα Χριστουγεννα!! Merry Christmas!!

December 7, 2018

All the team have gathered together this year to make a Christmas video to all our clients, cooperators and friends a truly wonderful holiday season. We had great fun making this video and we hope you enjoy it! Do not forget to watch the end to see all our goofs !!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New […]

Quality Guaranteed


Our company gives a 5 year guarantee which exceeds the expectations that the Greek law specifies as a guarantee from a contractor.

Home Owners’ Manual


At the end of the day the property is yours. Get to know how everything works through the detailed manual which we provide to you.

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