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1. Architecture in Crete

Crete Architects have masterfully woven a tapestry of tradition and innovation into the architectural landscape of this Greek island.

The architectural heritage of Crete is a testament to its rich history, influenced by ancient civilizations such as the Minoans, Venetians, and Ottomans. Whitewashed buildings adorned with the iconic blue accents, flat roofs, and graceful arched doorways are hallmarks of this region, encapsulating the very essence of the Greek islands.

What sets Crete apart is the seamless integration of these timeless elements by modern architects who infuse contemporary designs with a profound respect for the island’s heritage.

Embracing the abundant Mediterranean sunlight, they craft homes adorned with expansive windows and open spaces, capitalizing on breathtaking views. Sustainable architecture, with its eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient principles, is rapidly gaining prominence, enhancing Crete’s natural allure.

From traditional village dwellings to modern seafront villas, Crete Architects celebrate the island’s architectural diversity, each structure a reflection of this unique island’s character.

2. Europlan’s Architectural Expertise in Crete

Based in Aghios Nikolaos, Europlan Construction Company is famous for doing great architecture work, thanks to its team of skilled Crete architects. These architects understand the unique challenges and opportunities on the island. Europlan offers various architectural services, like creating special designs that show Crete’s character and building in an eco-friendly way.

Getting the right permits and following the rules in Crete can be tricky, but Europlan’s architects are experts in local and regional rules. They make sure everything is done the right way. They also respect Crete’s traditions while making sure buildings are modern and work well.

3. Europlan’s selected architectural works

These carefully curated projects showcase the remarkable expertise of Europlan’s architects, who have seamlessly blended creativity, functionality, and a deep understanding of their clients’ unique needs.

Villa Emotion Art

Crete Architects Europlan

Tsolakis Christos

Crete Architects Europlan

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Do not hesitate to contact us for an offer or any information regarding our services. Europlan is an awarded construction company undertaking strategic investments and hotel licensing procedures.

    Our customers review

    My collaboration with the technical company Europlan lasts for years because they have proven to me their ability to create homes that stand out while at the same time their specialization in luxury holiday homes is known, both in terms of design and construction. Personally for me it is very important to have partners whose work adds value to the money which - anyway - you have to invest.


    The quality of the construction absolutely met our standards and expectations. We have a second plot in Elounda and when the time comes to build, we will definitely work with Europlan again.


    As the owner of three villas in the area of Plaka, I highly recommend the technical company Europlan for the execution of design and construction of any technical project.

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