Property in CreteWhat are the steps & cost for a Hotel Renovation in Crete?
Hotel renovation in crete island by Europlan Construction Company

What are the steps & cost for a Hotel Renovation in Crete?

In the ever-evolving landscape of Crete’s hospitality industry, hoteliers must embrace the transformative potential of renovation to stay ahead. A well-executed renovation breathes new life into hotels, captivating guests and ensuring a competitive edge. This article explores the power of hotel renovation in Crete, highlighting its benefits, considerations, and essential steps.

What are the steps for a hotel renovation in Crete?

  1. Define your objectives and budget.
  2. Assemble a competent renovation team.
  3. Conduct a comprehensive assessment.
  4. Develop a detailed renovation plan.
  5. Engage in sustainable Practices

1. Define objectives and budget

What kind of permits are necessary for a hotel renovation?

In Greece, the hotel renovation process may require permits related to building construction, zoning, fire safety, electrical installations, plumbing, and environmental regulations. The local municipality or regional authority is usually responsible for granting permits and overseeing compliance with applicable laws.

To ensure a smooth renovation process, consider engaging a company such as Europlan Construction Company, who can assist you with the permit application process and ensure compliance with Greek regulations.

Our professionals may include architects, engineers, or specialized consultants who can navigate the local requirements and help you obtain the necessary permits.

What are the objectives and goals in a hotel renovation?

Before diving into the renovation process, it is crucial to establish clear objectives. Identify the areas of your hotel that require improvement and the overall goals you want to achieve.

Are you aiming to enhance guest comfort, update outdated facilities, or rebrand your hotel?

Defining your objectives will help guide the entire renovation process.

Simultaneously, establishing a realistic budget is essential. Carefully consider your financial capabilities and allocate resources accordingly. Keep in mind that unforeseen expenses may arise during the renovation, so it's wise to have a contingency fund in place.

What are examples of renovation in a hotel?

Examples of common renovations include:
Refacing cabinets
Installing new light fixtures
Replacing windows
Updating appliances
Adding new hardware
Replacing tiles or flooring
Replacing outdated systems

Hotel renovation in crete island by Europlan Construction Company

2.Choose a competent renovation company

Selecting the right hotel renovation team is paramount to the success of your project. Collaborate with a reputable construction company such as Europlan Construction that specializes in hotel renovations. We posess a proven track record, experience in the hospitality sector, and a dedicated project management team.

Additionally, involve your hotel staff in the renovation planning process. Their insights and feedback can provide valuable input regarding guest preferences, operational requirements, and potential challenges.

In the following video, watch the construction of a hotel at the face of the excavation and the bearing structure by Europlan Construction Company which is experienced in such projects.

3. Conduct a Comprehensive Assessment

Before embarking on the renovation, conduct a detailed assessment of your property. Identify areas that require attention, such as guest rooms, public spaces, lobby, dining areas, amenities, and exterior spaces. Determine which areas need complete overhauls and which can be upgraded with minor modifications.

Conduct a thorough inspection of your hotel’s infrastructure, including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Address any issues or potential risks to ensure a smooth renovation process and prevent future disruptions.

4. Develop a Detailed Renovation Plan

A well-crafted renovation plan is crucial for keeping the project on track and within budget. Collaborate with your construction company to create a detailed timeline, outlining each phase of the renovation process. Identify the critical milestones and establish realistic deadlines.

Consider the impact of the renovation on your guests’ experience. Implement strategies to minimize disruptions, such as renovating guest rooms in phases or temporarily relocating certain services. Clear communication with your guests is vital during this period to manage expectations and maintain customer satisfaction.

Hotel renovation in crete island by Europlan Construction Company

Europlan is a reliable company specializing in the design, licensing, construction, and renovation of hotel units. This includes architectural design of the hotel unit, including the layout of the surrounding area, room configuration, common areas, and facilities.

We also handle the design of the hotel’s installations, such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems, security, and optimal energy solutions.

The existing regulatory framework entails complexity in the licensing process involving multiple public services. Only with excellent coordination and deep knowledge of environmental and urban planning legislation can delays be avoided, a guarantee that our company can provide.

What should be included in a renovation plan?

The renovation plan serves as a roadmap to guide the renovation process, ensuring a systematic and successful transformation of the building while considering functional, aesthetic, and energy-related aspects. It includes several aspects from an analysis of the existing building condition to the implementation of efficient and effective project management strategies.

Who should conduct the renovation plan?

The renovation plan should ideally be conducted by a team of professionals with expertise in building renovation and project management. This team may include architects, engineers, interior designers, construction managers, and other relevant specialists depending on the scope of the project.

5. Engage in Sustainable Practices

Incorporating sustainable practices in your renovation can benefit both the environment and your bottom line. Explore eco-friendly options, such as energy-efficient lighting, water-saving fixtures, and locally sourced materials. Not only will these choices reduce your hotel’s environmental footprint, but they can also lead to long-term cost savings through reduced utility bills.

What are the 7 principles of sustainable construction?

  • sustainable design
  • durability
  • energy efficiency
  • waste reduction
  • indoor air quality
  • water conservation
  • sustainable building
  • materials

6. Monitor the Renovation Progress

Throughout the renovation process, actively monitor the progress and quality of the work. Regularly communicate with the construction company and conduct site visits to ensure adherence to the established timeline and specifications. Address any issues promptly to avoid delays or cost overruns.

How Europlan Construction implement Project Management?

  • Categorization of Project Taks
  • Detailed Cost Estimation of Project
  • Establishing Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • Preparation of Cash Flow Projections
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Time Chart (Gantt Chart).
  • Compiling Documentation of Procedures for Project Monitoring
  • Issuance of Monthly Payment Orders
  • Comparison Charts of Financial and Construction Project Management Progress
  • Issuance of Project’s Weekly or Monthly Report

For more detailed information about project management that we undertake, visit our services / project management page

Europlan is an awarded construction company

Europlan specializes in the delivery of high class construction projects on the island of Crete, Greece. We are a rapidly expanding company with over 20 years experience in architecture, engineering, project management, technical due diligence and construction.Over the years, Europlan has constructed many outstanding properties, which demonstrate high quality and luxury and our new Europlan Video presents some of these.

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