Complex Licenses / Strategic Investments
Strategic Investments in Greece

Since 1998, we have been involved in multiple strategic investments in Greece. 

We specialize in the licensing of hotel projects and strategic investments of Law 3986/2011, supporting investors to develop business in Greece and providing important information about the country as an investment destination. Licensing such projects requires knowledge, experience and continuous monitoring of the services involved and partners to be optimized. We are the only technical company in Crete with proven experience in licensing such complex investments.

“Strategic investments” means investments which, due to their strategic importance for the national or local economy, may bring quantitative and qualitative results of significant intensity for the increase of employment, productive reconstruction and the promotion of the natural and cultural environment of the country in accordance with the principles of socially just, inclusive, balanced and sustainable development, with the main characteristics being the attraction of investment funds, extroversion and export activity, innovation, competitiveness, universal planning, saving natural resources in the perspective of circular economy and high added value, especially in areas of economic activities of internationally tradable products or services.

Στρατηγικές επενδύσεις
Στρατηγικές επενδύσεις
What are the strategic investment incentives?

The strategic investments in Greece incentives provided with the new institutional framework for strategic investments are as follows:

Location Motivations

The Ministry of Development and Investments, following a positive decision by the Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments in Greece (DESE), may draft a specific spatial plan for the development of strategic investments, based primarily on a single area for a specific strategic investment.

Tax Incentives

Stabilization of the income tax rate applicable at the date of their designation, which is set at twelve (12) years from the completion of the investment plan. Investments, which are characterized as strategies, may receive separators:
a. Tax exemption consisting of the exemption from the payment of income tax on the pre-tax profits The entity may utilize the entire eligible tax exemption within fifteen (15) tax years and not less than three (3) tax years from the year in which the right to use the incentive is established, or
b. Acceleration of tax depreciation of fixed assets that have been included in the approved investment plan by increasing the rates by one hundred percent (100%). If the initial rate of depreciation is higher than twenty percent (20%), the final rate of in- crease may not exceed forty percent (40%).
For manufacturing companies, depreciation of machinery and non-technological equipment is deducted from gross income at the time of their realization, increased by thirty percent (30%).

“Fast track” licensing Incentive

All required licenses and approvals for the implementation, installation, or operation of a strategic investment are issued within 45 calendar days, after the full documentation file for each required license is submitted to the General Directorate of Strategic Investments.

Aid for operating expenditure

The supported expenditure categories are:
i. Aid for the employment of disadvantaged workers and persons with disabilities. (up to five million (5,000,000) euros per investment project.
ii. Aid for research and development projects,
◦ industrial research, twenty million (20,000,000) euros, per investment project,
◦ experimental development, fifteen million (15,000,000) euros, per investment project,
◦ feasibility studies and preparation of research activities, the seven million five hundred thousand (7,500,000) euros, per investment plan
Aid in strategic investments in Greece for “flagship investments of exceptional importance” in the form of a cash grant, leasing subsidy, or wage subsidy for new employment positions created as a result of the investment.


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    My collaboration with the technical company Europlan lasts for years because they have proven to me their ability to create homes that stand out while at the same time their specialization in luxury holiday homes is known, both in terms of design and construction. Personally for me it is very important to have partners whose work adds value to the money which - anyway - you have to invest.


    The quality of the construction absolutely met our standards and expectations. We have a second plot in Elounda and when the time comes to build, we will definitely work with Europlan again.


    As the owner of three villas in the area of Plaka, I highly recommend the technical company Europlan for the execution of design and construction of any technical project.

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