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Best guide to house design and construction in Creta | 2023

Best Guide for House design and construction in Crete : Process and Cost

What are the steps and cost for a house construction in Crete?

A complete guide to house design and construction in Crete island

In this article you will find detailed information on the process and cost of building a house in Crete island. Our construction company, Europlan, has extensive experience in the design, construction and management of construction projects.

What are the steps for a house design and construction in Crete island?

1. 3D design

The house design by 3D software is a very useful process in order to visualize the final design of the house. In Europlan, we offer a 3D design of the house of your dreams.

Best guide to house design and construction in Creta

2. Building license and house design

Before the beginning of the construction works and after purchasing the property, the civil engineer or construction company will have to carry out a series of studies. All these studies are necessary for the issuance of the construction permit issued by the public urban planning office. For the house design and construction in Crete, Europlan offers all the necessary studies.

The engineering studies include:

an architectural study

a structural study

An electro-mechanical study

Water-supply and Drainage study

A thermal Insulation study

A natural gas or heating installation study

A fire study

And supplementary formal public documents concerning the issue of the bulding license.

All of the studies should be implemented according to the Greek public urban planning regulations.

The issue of the Building license is estimated at 45 days since all required documents and studies are submitted.

The cost of the planning permission varies depending on the requirements of the client and the design and includes the remuneration of the engineer and the architect. While the license is valid for 4 years from its issuance.

The total Cost of the Building license includes the compensation of the Engineer(s) responsible for the Studies (Architectural, Structural, Electro-mechanical etc.). The total cost varies and depends on the use/type of the project (residence, office, etc.), the size of the project and other factors.

Best guide to house design and construction in Creta

3. Excavations, building foundation and structure

The excavation is of the most important works in the building process. It allows to construct the foudation of the building. It is the first actiity of the construction project. The excavation follows the architectural study. Furthermore it is important to examin the nature of the soil before constructing in order to determine the type of foundation to be constructed. 

The foundation of a house building is necessary to the value and safety of the structure. The construction must be done correctly in terms of the type of foundation being formed. It provides solutions in avoiding problems with settlement, and properly preparing the subgrade through final curing stages. Each phase of foundation construction has necessary requirements and components upon which a structure depends. The house design and construction in Creta is Europlan’s expertiese.

Best guide to house design and construction in Creta

4. Masonry

Masonry is the building of structures from individual units, which are often laid in and bound together by mortar. The common materials of masonry construction are brick, building stone such as marble, granite, and limestone, cast stone, concrete block, glass block, and adobe. While masonry is usually durable, the materials used, the quality of the mortar and workmanship, and the pattern in which the units are assembled can substantially affect the durability of the overall masonry construction.

Best guide to house design and construction in Creta

5. Electrical installation

The electrical installation is implemented exatcly after the completion of the masonry. It includes excavations on the walls in order to insert plastic tubes in which the wiring will be installed. In this part, the electrical engineer should create an electric installation plan. The plan is defined by the needs in the house such as where will be installed plugs, switches, the electric board. It includes as well the earth wiring, elevators, lightning protection and low voltage installation such as alarm, telephone and internet wiring, CCTV and satellite and antenna wiring.

Best guide to house design and construction in Creta

6. Plumbing installation

The plumbing installation starts as soon as the foundation is implemented. It includes the watter supply, drainage, rainwater drainage, heating (gaz or boiler), the sewage and sewer. A good architectural design will influence the plumbing installation because all the toilets and kitchen in different levels should be at the same vertical position in order to optimize the draining.

Best guide to house design and construction in Creta

7. Thermal and sound insulation

There are 3 main types of insulation:

Thermal, sound and waterproof insulation.

The purpose of thermal insulation is keeping your home cooller in summer and warmer in winter.

Thermal insulation works as a barrier against the transfer of heat. In winter, we generate warmth inside home and the puprose of an effective insulation is to keep the heat inside.

Thermal insulation can save a great deal of energy in heating or cooling down your house.

All thermal bulk insulation will reduce some noice transfer, but acoustic insulation is specially designed for soundproofing purposes. Either from outside to inside, but also from space to space inside the  house.

Furthermore, when constructing a house, you should consider waterproofing insulation such as protecting from moisture the underground walls and the rest of the surronding walls by insulation the external masonry walls.

Best guide to house design and construction in Creta

8. Wall coatings

A typical external wall coating has the twin benefits of being both decorative, and protective, which stands the system apart from masonry paint in terms of lifespan and longevity. 

Whilst painting the exterior walls of your house with masonry paint may well make it look nice, this feature will only last a couple of years at best before the paint starts to degrade.

The main benefit of having an exterior wall coating applied to your home is the fact that not only will it look aesthetically pleasing, as per paint, but it will carry on looking attractive, for at least 2 decades.

Best guide to house design and construction in Creta

9. Doors and windows framing

Wood is the most popular choice for construction of door and window frames. Wooden frames give architectural beauty to the building and are easy to maintain. There are many types of wood according to the quality. The type of wood is used according to the requirement of the building and availability of budget. 

Other types of door and window framing are aluminium and steel. Thanks to its high strength-to-weight ratio, aluminium makes an excellent frame for windows and doors as it can easily hold huge glass panes together as well as incorporate security features. This material also does not warp, dent, or warp easily.

Best guide to house design and construction in Creta

10. Roof construction

A roof is a structure forming the upper covering of a building or other shelter. Its primary purpose is generally to provide protection from the elements, but it may also contribute to safety, security, privacy, insulation, and so on.

Roofs may have openings or windows within them to allow light into buildings, as well as providing, access, ventilation, views, and so on. They also frequently include other features such as chimneys, communications infrastructure, building services, drainage, lighting, access routes, and so on.

Roofs can be constructed from a wide variety of materials and in a wide variety of shapes depending on the requirements they have to satisfy, the local climate, the availability of materials and skills, the span to be covered, and so on.

Best guide to house design and construction in Creta

11. Exterior walls covering

in the greek islands the most common way of covering the walls is with stone which imitates the architecture of the traditional houses that were built out of stone. Nevertheless there are many materials for lining the masonry. According to the rules of modern architecture, when we refer to stone for an external wall we are essentially referring to a lining with reconstructed stone and not a wall made entirely of natural stone. This cladding is a durable, long-term addition that looks like natural stone, but is made of thinner, lighter materials and is easier to manage and install. It is usually supplied in separate pieces which can be combined according to the customer’s wishes and allow faster installation. It comes in a range of shapes, sizes and colors to suit any decor and add character wherever it is used.

Best guide to house design and construction in Creta

12. Internal works

The configuration of the interior space and its decoration depends on many factors and mainly on the aesthetics of the owner. It still remains one important task that has to be designed and previewed before the completion of the house. It is usually the combination of the work of the artchitect and the decorator. The house design and construction in Creta should merge the classic Greek architecture with modern aesthetics.

Best guide to house design and construction in Creta

13. Exterior works

Shaping the exterior is one of the most important tasks in the construction of a house. On one hand, the external space of the house should interract in armony the surroounding environment. On the other hand, it should be designed to combiner aesthetic purposes and the owner’s needs. 

Best guide to house design and construction in Creta

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    The quality of the construction absolutely met our standards and expectations. We have a second plot in Elounda and when the time comes to build, we will definitely work with Europlan again.


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